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  1. Changes that took effect on 4th May, 2021: 1. All RB in Kamaloka had it drops boosted. 2. Increased MP Regen - before +800 MP, now +1.500 MP. 3. Decreased 50% of all Epic Bosses status (HP, Resistance), including Darion. 4. Epic Bosses quest now cost 10.000.000 Adena on GM Shop. GM Shop --> Quest Items. 5. Fixed .topclan issue (Antharas wasn't giving points on .topclan) 6. Added two more Gatekeepers in Giran. 7. Added Noblesse Status for Donate. Upcoming changes (5th May): 1. Add 4 more spawns in Giran. Attention: We are aware about the issue on Catacombs and we are working on it! I ask you for your patience. Best regards, Your L2Atheris team.
  2. Changes that took effect on 3rd May, 2021: 1. Increased all RB drops displayed on .raid 2. VIP will now give 2x amount of reward on events (TvT, CTF and DM). 3. Increased all status (HP, resistance) from Darion (Semi-Epic).
  3. Changes that took effect on 2nd May, 2021: 1. Decreased MP re-use --> from 7 seconds to 3 seconds. MP regen remains the same as before. 2. Halisha's Mark is now tradeable. 3. Increased XP gain from Raid Bosses (all RB) 4. Increased amount of XP bonus rate in party --> Before 30% bonus, now 60%. 5. Added Weapon/Armor/Jewel on Donate Shop. Upcoming updates: 1. Increase Raid Boss drops.
  4. Answered in PM.
  5. Donations that will be released at the opening: 1. Premium Account: Price: (7/15/31 days --> 20/35/70 COL) 2. Accessories: (Price = 50 COL) 3. Shields: (Price = 50 COL) 4. Misc Items: (Soul Crystals, Life Stones, Book Buffs, Enchants, Divine Inspiration books, Sub Class and Color Name/title. 5. Skins: (Price = 30 COL) 6. All options in Service Manager. *Except for Noblesse Status. Donations that will be released at Sunday (02/05): 1. Weapons, Armors and Jewels. Donations that will be released at Monday (03/05): 1. Noblesse Status: (Price - 60 COL) COL Price: 1 COL = 1 BRL
  6. You guys are welcome in our server! Have a nice stay!
  7. 1. All sub classes has been added on the Grand Master - "Baggings". 1.1 Removed sub class restriction. 2. Fixed Queen Ant area. 3. Fixed Orfen's Raid Fighters - they are now level 80. 4. Fixed Pickup protection - before = 300 seconds / now = 30 seconds. 5. Removed "Cancellation" Skills from all raid bosses displayed on .raid
  8. Hello. Yes. Everything is the same as on retail interlude files. Our OBT will take place today so you can test everything you want.
  9. We have moved the OBT date to 26th. Olympiad event date: 28th and 29th April - Olympiad starts at 18:00 and goes till 00:00. Clan vs Clan (Side vs Side) Tournament: 30th April - Event starts at 17:00 (Clans should start getting ready at this time) and 18:00 will be the first fight. All times are GMT -3.
  10. NPC for OBT:
  11. We have some great news for you! We have added and also fixed Kamaloka for Interlude. How is it going to work? Well, this is pretty simple. You will be able to enter the kamaloka once a day. *24 hours will count from the last time you entered the Kamaloka. To enter the Kamaloka you will have to talk with the Pathfinder Worker, NPC which is located in middle of Giran. For entering you must have at least 1 member in party with you. Inside we will have the following Raid Bosses: Doom Blade Tanatos is the first RB you will fight. Drops: Same as the Normal Raid Bosses. After you killed Doom Blade Tanatos you go to the second stage. Antharas Priest Cloe is the second RB you will fight. Drops: Same as the Special Raid Bosses. After you kill it, you move to the third stage, which is the hardest one. There, you will fight the Death Lord. Death Lord is the third and last RB you will fight. Drop: Same as the Semi Epic. I wish you all good luck. On our OBT you will be able to test the Kamaloka, so do not miss it!
  12. Olá, o patch será liberado amanhã no máximo à noite (20/04).
  13. Here's a quick topic teaching what you'll need to make your Sub Class. In order to get the Sub Class you will need: Talk to all the chests that will spawn after the Raid Boss dies Select the option "Get the Scepter" After you get all the 4 Scepters, you will have to buy the Mimir's Elixir. For buying this item, you will need all the 4 Scepters and 50.000.000 Milion Adena. It can be found on the GM Shop and also in the Grand Master NPC. GM Shop: Grand Master: After you buy the Mimir's Elixir, all you have to do is take the desired Sub Class.
  14. Hola, ELPADRE. Usted y su party son bien venidos en nuestro proyecto! Te deseo lo mejor!
  15. sgy

    Olá, mrhzera. Você e sua party são bem-vindos em nosso projeto! Lhe desejo o melhor!